ManuFacturer & Exporter of Pharmaceutical Formulations

"We are manufacturers and exporters of pharmaceutical formulations, such as antibiotics, allergy medicines and other pharmaceutical capsules and tablets. These exact composition, purity and treatment of various diseases are much appreciated."

An Introduction

Further improvement in the segment of the pharmaceutical formulation has been instrumental in the huge success of India as an exporting country in the world. Therefore, the domestic pharmaceutical industry has increased to record levels and has been extended in a number of areas. With experience spanning almost two decades in health,

Schwitz BIOTECH offers a wide range of formulations to meet the needs of suffering humanity. Based in Ahmedabad, we are a name to reckon with in the pharmaceutical horizon across India and around the world. We are a leader in the manufacture, export, marketing and consulting projects in a wide range of pharmaceutical formulation tablets, capsules, syrup, injection, ointments, gels, soft and small and large volume parenterals and other segments such as nutraceuticals, homeopathy, herbal preparations, disposable surgical and innovative API.

An Introduction

SCHWITZ BIOTERCH has been recognized as an organization of global healthcare, driven by qualified advanced research and technology and innovative ideas supported by the technology and know-how people and great companies and promoters partners in India and abroad.

Our Philisophy

In the 21st century, life brings new challenges. It is hectic, highly adaptive, endorsing the theory of Darwinian evolution, increasing endurance threshold, achievements, hard work, and explore new horizons. Old records are outdated. New ways, new heights are scaled. Homo sapiens have faced squarely the challenges of all natural phenomena in man made hazards from external hosts to internal parasites.

To make it more meaningful, dignified and full life of pleasure is our philosophy. "We contribute to spread contagious smile of humanity" This is our destiny, all our actions are to achieve this goal.

Our Quility Control

The quality is not a ministerial duty. It is important to everything and everyone in the organization. To ensure total quality management, our quality assurance department is autonomous in its functioning. In internal quality controls, which were detailed in the standard operating processes (SOPs) in accordance with the standards of WHO-GMP and were established in the recommendation given in the United States, British and Indian pharmacopoeia for each operations.

Our Vision

To stimulate efforts in our globalized currency'' smile spread of infection'' and'' fly'' for excellence through focused research and development through strategic alliance both in India and abroad . Since its inception in 1998, the company has remained based on the following values: -

Foster an environment of creativity and openness.
  • Achieve excellence in our product and services.
  • Deliver our commitments.
  • Determine to achieve business objectives and thus, accelerate the growth process.

Quality is our lifestyle. Quality is our strength. Our endeavor is to do better each time. All our actions are continuous improvement and quality gradations. We are aware that the quality will help us achieve our goal. Quality keep us create strong bond with our customers. Quality will make us smile spread.

Group Of Companies

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